When I was a child around age 6, I found a Bible in the old house we were moving into.  Mom said I could have it, but when people came to the house I had to ask if the Bible belonged to them.  I prayed that it would be mine.  To make it mine I had to find a verse to make it my favorite, and for me there was only one way to do that.  I opened the Bible and pointed to a verse with my eyes closed.  I then ran to Mom and had her read it to me.  John 15:12, This is my commandment that ye love one another as I have loved you.  As a child I put this verse to memory.

And so today I still find Scripture and sharing Scripture an important part of my life.  This verse has been a very strong part of my life foundation.

I have always enjoyed learning, I was one of those kids that enjoyed school. I also enjoyed church and learning the scriptures, not memorizing them. For me memorizing was putting the scripture in my head and not always in my heart. I also grew up during the time when every church thought it was the “one true church”, and those who didn’t belong were going to hell. If this was true then there were a lot of people going to hell. I couldn’t buy into the “one true church” theory, I really couldn’t see God being that narrow minded.

How many times have you heard a preacher or church member say that we are all on a journey? Well I do believe we are and I also believe that we should not compare our journey to another persons journey. We are all at different stages of learning, but as long as we are still learning we are moving forward.

So my blog is for those who are interested in reading and writing scripture, there is also a section on prayer and learning about people and places in the Bible. I am retired so now I get to spend as much time as I want studying and sharing with others. I pray for guidance on this blog journey and that I never lead anyone astray, and that you find my words helpful. Amen

May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you